GlassEssential Introduces Custom Wood Accordion Doors for Functional and Stylish Room Dividers

[Swift Current, 24-03-2023] – GlassEssential, a leading provider of interior solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its exceptional range of Custom Wood Accordion Doors. These versatile doors are designed to create flexible and elegant room dividers, offering privacy, space management, and aesthetic enhancement for both residential and commercial spaces.

The Custom Wood Accordion Doors by GlassEssential are available in a wide range of models, each catering to specific application requirements:
  • Series 140: Designed for Closet Applications
  • GlassEssential's Series 140 Accordion Doors are perfect for closet spaces, providing a practical and space-saving solution. With various wood finishes and customizable options, homeowners can effortlessly integrate these doors into their interior design.

  • Series 220: Ideal for Standard Room Dividers
  • The Series 220 Accordion Doors offer a seamless division of space, making them suitable for creating separate areas in open floor plans. With a wide selection of wood finishes and panel configurations, these doors can be tailored to suit individual preferences.

  • Series 240 with Lock: Commercial and Residential Room Divider
  • GlassEssential's Series 240 Accordion Doors combine functionality with added security. Equipped with a lock mechanism, these doors are ideal for commercial and residential spaces where privacy and controlled access are essential.

  • Series 440 with Acrylic: Enhanced Visibility
  • The Series 440 Accordion Doors feature acrylic panels, allowing for increased visibility while maintaining a visual separation of spaces. These doors are commonly used in areas where natural light and visibility are desired, such as offices, conference rooms, and retail settings.

  • Series 540: Transparency and Elegance
  • GlassEssential's Series 540 Accordion Doors offer a sophisticated and transparent room division solution. With glass panels and sleek hardware, these doors add a touch of elegance to any interior while allowing natural light to flow through.

  • Series 640: Solid Aluminum Security
  • The Series 640 Accordion Doors are designed with solid aluminum panels, providing both security and style. These doors are suitable for applications that require a high level of privacy and durability, such as offices, hospitals, and educational institutions.

  • Series 740: Perforated Aluminum Door
  • GlassEssential's Series 740 Accordion Doors feature perforated aluminum panels, offering a unique blend of privacy and ventilation. These doors are ideal for spaces that require airflow, visibility, and security, such as storage areas and commercial establishments.

  • Series 2100 and 3300: Acoustic Application
  • GlassEssential's Series 2100 and 3300 Accordion Doors are specifically designed for acoustic performance. These doors effectively minimize sound transmission, making them perfect for spaces that require noise control, such as music studios, conference rooms, and libraries.

  • Architectural Details, Measuring Instructions, and Installation Instructions:
  • GlassEssential provides comprehensive architectural details on their website, including color and finish options, measuring instructions for accurate customization, and installation instructions for a hassle-free setup process.

GlassEssential's Custom Wood Accordion Doors offer a perfect combination of functionality, style, and versatility, allowing users to transform their spaces to suit their unique needs.

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