GlassEssential Unveils an Extensive Lineup of Side-Folding and Sliding Folding Security Grilles, Setting New Standards in retail store front Security

[Swift Current, 24-03-2023] – GlassEssential, a leading provider of innovative security solutions, is proud to introduce a comprehensive range of Side-Folding and Sliding Folding Security Grilles. These advanced security systems offer exceptional protection, versatility, and aesthetic appeal for storefron windows and doors, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of residential and commercial property owners.

The Side-Folding and Sliding Folding Security Grilles by GlassEssential are meticulously designed to meet the highest industry standards. Each model is crafted with precision and offers unique features, catering to the diverse needs of customers seeking reliable window security solutions.

The following models are available within the Side-Folding and Sliding Folding Security Grille range:
  • S 126:
  • The S 126 model features 126mm aluminum curved slats, providing a combination of strength, visibility, and security. This grille is suitable for commercial storefronts and retail spaces that require a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

  • S 12:
  • The S 12 model is designed with 12mm aluminum curved slats, offering a sleek and compact design without compromising security. It is an ideal choice for residential and light commercial applications.

  • S525:
  • The S525 model is engineered with 52.5mm aluminum curved slats, providing enhanced security and visibility. This grille is perfect for storefronts and spaces where a higher level of security is required.

  • Flexguard:
  • The Flexguard model features a flexible design that allows it to adapt to curved or irregular openings. It offers both security and flexibility, making it suitable for various applications, including shopping malls and entertainment venues.

  • Concept 66, Concept 99, Concept 1212:
  • The Concept series, including Concept 66, Concept 99, and Concept 1212, offers a range of options with varying slat sizes, providing different levels of security and visibility. These grilles are customizable to meet specific requirements.

  • Aeroflex:
  • The Aeroflex model incorporates perforated slats that offer visibility, ventilation, and security. It is suitable for applications where airflow and visibility are essential, such as parking garages and storage facilities.

  • Global:
  • The solid aluminum non see-thru insert Global model is a robust security grille that combines strength, durability, and visibility. It is an excellent choice for applications where maximum security is required, such as banks, government buildings, and high-security areas.

  • Impact:
  • The polycarbonate inserts Impact model is designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide enhanced security. It is suitable for visibilty or areas where additional protection against forced entry is needed.

  • Royal:
  • This tempered glass Insert model offers a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and reliable security features, making it an ideal choice for customers seeking both style and functionality.

  • Top and Bottom Track Sliding Grille:
  • GlassEssential also offers a range of Top and Bottom Track sliding grilles for window security. These grilles provide smooth and secure operation, allowing easy opening and closing while ensuring optimal security.

Technical details of the Side-Folding and Sliding Folding Security Grilles include:
  • Material: High-quality aluminum or steel slats
  • Operation: Manual or motorized
  • Finish: Powder-coated or anodized
  • Slat Sizes: Varying sizes for different models
  • Security Features: Interlocking slats, reinforced bottom bars, optional locks
  • Optional Accessories: Remote control, wind resistance mechanisms, safety sensors

GlassEssential's Side-Folding and Sliding Folding Security Grilles offer a comprehensive solution for window security, combining strength, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. These models are engineered to withstand the demands of various applications while providing unmatched security and peace of mind.

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