Protect door and window with GLASSESSENTIAL® Alarmed Wire Screen.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Alarm Wire Screen brings together a security screen which is simple enough to fit your existing frame or new custom made frame and a special alarm mesh which has interwoven detection wires every four inches.Magnetic reed switch tamper and plug connector are also added to the frame.

These components are internally wired together within the screen frame to form a protective grid which is plugged into your alarm system. When your alarm system is turned off, security screen can be easily removed to allow normal window and screen cleaning. When the security system is “ON”, any attempt made to unplug security screen will activate your security alarm system.

Important Instructions before you decide to buy:

  • Screen Frame supplied must be in good condition
  • Frames for Patio Door Screens must be supplied
  • Circuit Wires run vertically on 4” centers
  • Price includes one lead and one temper switch
  • Perimeter protection for your windows and doors
  • Offers burglar protection when windows are open or closed
  • Non-interference with popular window treatments
  • Connects to any alarm system
  • Allows security system to be armed 24 Hrs
  • Alarms if screen is cut, removed or tampered with
  • Affordable
  • Fast delivery
  • Simple installation
  • Appropriate for Canadian weather
  • No false alarms
  • 5-year warranty against defects and workmanship
  • Standard Aluminum Box Frames
  • Colors available: White and Brown
  • SmallCAD$ 70.00
  • MediumCAD$ 85.00
  • Large CAD$ 110.00
  • HORIZONTAL CIRUITS - $38 each. Woven into the screen mesh horizontally to reduce man hole size on tall screens.