Automatic Swing Door Opener allows doors to open and close automatically without much effort of the users.

Automatic swing door opener automatically shut the door mechanically after a certain period of time. The swing doors are available in four different types like the in swing left, in swing right, out swing left and out swing right. This door opener can be applied to all types of residential doors whether wood, metal, glass, aluminum and more. These auto swing door machines are operated with electricity and in the case of a power outage, the doors can be used manually. When the door is operated an audio warning is generated which provides a precaution to the users who are near the door.

For increased efficiency and accessibility to users, three types of operation modes can be set, as demanded by the application area, such as toggle operation, open and close operation and timer operation. Remote controls are also provided with the purchase of these machines and it can read approximately 16 remote controls, simultaneously.

This product is certified under CETL 325, IC, ETL 325(UL 325), CE and FCC, which adds to the longevity of the equipments. These automatic swing door openers are available in three different models, DM-50, DM-100 and DM-150. DM-50 is perfect for the interior doors and is operated by remote controls. DM- 100 is also the absolute solution for interior doors and functions by remote controls and electromagnetic locks. DM- 150 is a complete solution provider for front doors, interior doors, garage swing doors and side doors.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Automatic Swing Door Openers are an excellent solution provider for offices, houses, supermarkets, washroom and other commercial sectors. These doors are used to satisfy the needs of the customers. They are affordable and efficient.

The openers are resistant to wear and tear. They have several other features that are surely the main reasons of their great demands.

Such features include:

  • The plastic covering of these automatic swing door machines are available in two colors.
  • Remote controls are provided with each pack of these automatic swing machines.
  • The motor systems consume less energy, which saves the increasing electricity bills.
  • The openers swing to a limit of 90 lbs and are 36 inches in width.
  • Lock systems are also attached to some product models like MC- 201 and ES-201.
  • Door openers can be easily used by the physically challenged persons.
  • They are approved by the trusted certified companies which assures the absolute usage of the products.
  • These openers operate through electricity in case of no power; they can be used manually as well.
  • Affordable price.