Get alert from alarm syestems with our alarmed Bandit Window Security Bars for small windows.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Bandit Alarmed window Security Bars gives an enhanced protection to your home or office from burglars or intruders. The window provides the ultimate security when fitted with an alarm which sets on if the bars are dislodged. The bars are installed vertically or horizontally (not backwards), and include magnets and switches.

Find Out more Details of our Bandit Window Security Bars

  • Provide visual deterrent from outside
  • No cutting required in this window security bars
  • Unique end Window Brackets holds the bars firmly in place
  • Great for windows up to 14” high, fire safe
  • These products work for air ducts, roof hatches and skylights too!
  • Protect windows up to 60” wide and 14” High
  • Fit most of basement windows
  • Windows can be opened and closed normally with GLASSESSENTIAL® window security bars.
  • Protects both sides of a sliding window whether open or closed
  • Works with any alarm system
  • The sensors of these Window Security bars use proven magnetic technology.
  • Switch and magnet included with this window security bars
  • Easily removable from inside in emergency or for window cleaning.
  • Supplied completely with hardware for inset or Surface or angle mount.
  • Also applicable for air ducts, roof hatches and skylights safety and protection
  • Great for windows up to 14” high, fire safe.
  • Adjustable Spring Loaded fits windows from 22” to 40”
  • Model : UG-BB-1-SM Bandit bar (Length 48”) colour white. price $70.00.
  • Model : UG-BB-1-EL Bandit bar Extra Long (Length 54”) colour white. price $76.00.
  • Model : UG-BB-1-60 Bandit bar (Length 60”) colour white. price $82.00.
  • Model : UG-BB-3X20 Bandit bar one size fits most up to 60” colour white. price $86.00.
  • Model : UG-BB-EXT Bandit extender - (24" length). price $17.00.
  • Includes all Aluminum bars, spacers, screws, switch and magnet
  • Optional : UG-BB-SA Surface mounting adapter (fits all models). price $17.00.