Natural Hardwood Color Chips


  • GLASSESSENTIAL® natural hardwood veneers are bonded to a solid ¼” core.
  • Finished with a clear non tinted lacquer.
  • Natural color and grain characteristics like natural wood.
  • Installed with tailor-made finishing services

Vinyl Laminate Color Chips


  • Vinyl Laminate "PVC" film that is bonded to a ¼” MDF core.
  • Minor variations may occur between color chips and the delivered product.
  • For specific color or tone match custom finish service is available.

Vinyl Panel Connectors


  • Flexible, elegant looking, space saving connector panels.
  • Perfect color coordinate combination with vinyl panel connectors comes as a standard feature.
  • Standard and composite color combinations like- White with White, Chalk and Amethyst; Sand with Hardwood Birch, Hardwood Oak, Hardwood Maple, Maple Vinyl, Tan, Tahiti and Rattan; Silver with Gray Vinyl are provided with body panels.

Doors with logo or murals


  • For a colorful and cost effective solution that enhance and decorate your custom accordion or roll up doors our standard colors and finishes doors can be customized with laminates, murals, veneers, inserts, and custom logos.
  • Optional: wall covering materials applied to Wood Fold doors.

Decorative doors


  • Decorative doors add a style statement in any space.
  • Our decorative doors can transform any room with the image of your choice.
  • Decorative doors can be used in a wide variety of architectural, commercial and residential situations. For example, a school might apply a world map to a room.

Divider or a restaurant put their logo on a door


  • Easy to create decorative door having colorful mural or company logo.
  • Images chosen from the Murals Your Way gallery or a copy of your artwork can be customized with the image applied to the face of the door.
  • Additional charges may apply for certain decorative door finishes
  • Extra production time may be required for certain types of decorative doors.

Acrylic Panels:


  • Visifold Series 440 & 540 doors available with 118" thickness.
  • Transparent clear or bronze acrylic panels available from our wide range.
  • Other 118" thick panel options available by quotation.

Custom Finish Services


  • Our services include custom paint and stain finishes.
  • Other custom materials can also be arranged according to your needs and specifications.
  • Despite all the above-mentioned features and benefits, the manufacturer reserves the right to change any of the selections or specifications at any time without prior notice.
  • Price factor may vary with material variations, finishes and sizes.