Get Stregth, Durability, visibility and Narrow grid with our Expanded Metal Mesh Window Security Grille.

Achieve maximum security with an expanded custom-made steel metal mesh. This is an excellent permenant solution for your high security residential and commercial applications. With a painted, powder-coated or galvanized finishing option, attain even greater durability. Provide your window opening width and height dimensions to start talking security. Or contact a sales associate to learn more about this product.

  • Expanded Metal, Steel Wire Mesh Metal used for maximum security
  • 16 Gauge expanded metal mesh security window grille panels
  • Tabs to fasten to the walls at the sides of the window
  • Standard colors like blue, black and grey (extra charges for other colors)
  • Half-hinged window grille allowing half the grille to hinge upward to access the window (optional)

Use Exterior to prevent rocks, balls and other small object and prevent your glass from shattering with our expanded metal mesh window security grille.