Secure Sliding and French Patio Doors with Folding Security Gate

Security Doors for Sliding Patio Doors. : Our Single Folding Gates secure sliding and french door patio doors. Folding Security Gate is 79 in. high and designed to pivot and fold to one side when not in use. Our Steel Folding security Gates help secure unprotected openings of your patio door from forced entry by burglars and thieves.when installed on sliding and french patio doors, Our white powder coated scissor type security gate will provide aesthetically appealing look and allows to flow air to your home and deter unwated entry when you are not at home..We provide all accessories and hardware for easy and clear installation on your exising sliding door.

Scissor type folding security gate for sliding patio door security

Enhancing the security of your patio doors might come to you as a serious challenge but it is certainly not impossible. Patio doors, sliding patio doors and French doors are best protected with GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Security Gate. It is designed to keep intruders out and maximum light in, ensuring a safe, smart and secure property. It is a highly cost-effective and strong visual solution, making it remarkably present.

Patio Door Security Gate Features:
  • Folding and collapsible till 180o when not in use provides full access to door.
  • Steel powder-coated for security and rust protection
  • Keeps same door looks when not expanded
  • Easy operation for patio door and French door application
  • Mounts on one side with hinges and lock to other side
  • For larger span than 8 ft , It can be mounted on two side with post and slides with caster wheel at front end bottom
  • For added security use, Our Cylinder lock post
Standard materials for installation for 5 ft or 6 ft wide door
  • 1 Appropriate Size gate (generally Select from 58”, 68” or 78” wide and 79” High Gate)
  • 2 Post
  • 2 Feet Bracket
  • 1 Lock (Push Lock or Cylinder Lock)
  • 1 Caster Wheel

GlassEssential Providing security solutions for Sliding patio doors and french patio doors across North America.