Enclose Retail Display and Cabinets with Collapsible Steel Security gates

Enclose retail display are a with Collapsible Steel Security gates Our Folding Gates provide the ability to enclose retail display area and create security cabinets for valuable retail merchandise.It will Custom fit to most retail display area. Folding gates can be directly mounted on display area with or without top track.

GLASSESSENTIAL® folding gate can create Security Enclosure, security cabinet or Storage solution for retail and Industrial use.

Security Gate Enclosure Features:

  • Folding Gate can make Creating Enclose area for storage.
  • Secure Cigarette, pharmacy and other costly merchandise very economical way.
  • Enclosure for your precious inventory.
  • Join Folding Gate to create larger width enclosure.
  • Place one or more lock to control access.
  • Sliding track is available to suspend track with hanging caster from top of structure for easy opening.
  • One can also Mount Folding gate without top support for enclose the space.
  • Gates can be mounted on front, sides and top of the enclosure.
  • Choose from 25 accessories to create unique enclosure.
  • Two side and top ceiling of cage can enclose by folding gate or wire mesh panel joist and steel post also available to support the folding gate structure Send us your layout or plan to understand your requirements and make your project successful.