Collapsible and Folding Security Solution for Shipping Door, Dock Door and Receiving Doors.

Our Single and double Folding Gates secure shipping doors, receiving doors, lift-up doors, hallways, and entranceways . Get maximum Industrial Safety with our folding security gate. All Gate will be sent with all necessary hardwares to maximize shipping and dock door security. Our Folding Door Gates are designed to provide security for door openings upto 20 feet wide.At GlassEssential , Security Gates customer satisfaction is important.Our Folding Gates are a must for your warehouse, storage, or shipping facility.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Gate, also called Folding Scissor Gate is handy in security matters of Dock door, Bay door and shipping door. Folding Scissors Gates secure dock and receiving doors, doorways, garage and service doors, hallways and entranceways without compromising on ventilation and/or visibility.Manufactured with heavy-duty galvanized steel, they withstand rough and tough weather conditions, harsh industrial chemicals and cleaners. Maximum strength and maximum protection both together! Looks bonus!! Perfect for securing any kind of space in any application, GLASSESSENTIAL Folding Scissor Gates are also good for lift-up doors, and larger doorways and hallways.

Shipping Door, Dock Door and Receiving Doors Security gate Features:

  • Protect the premises from unwanted entry from shipping door, dock door or bay door
  • Get airflow in and allow to escape heat from inside Perfect visibility
  • Steel White Powder Coated Gate for better appearance and increased aesthetics
  • Easy installation and operation
  • Powder-coated for corrosion-resistance
  • 1 Deep T Bracket. (Install on top front end of one gate and secure from shaking)

Materials required for installation of Foldingb Security Gate for Dock door :

  • 2 appropriate size folding gate
  • 2 caster wheel
  • 2 end post
  • 2 end post feet bracket (to Install post with floor)
  • 2 end post angle bracket (To keep gate away from roll up door track )
  • 1 deep U Bracket (Install on middle front end of one gate and secure from shaking)
  • 1 Deep T Bracket. (Install on top front end of one gate and secure from shaking)
  • 1 Shoot Bolt

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