Folding Security Gates for securing retail storefronts.

Retail security gates on a storefront.

Security Gates For Retail Storefronts.

Retail and storefront single security gates are set on a continuous frame on all sides. Storefront security gates make your security solution easy and clean.Our Folding gate provides security solution to all types of Retail Store front. Our high-quality, powder-coated, tubular steel scissor-style folding gates make it easy for you to open or close your storefront – or a portion of it – in fraction of seconds. Lead Time: Readily availble. Provide a safer, better ventilated and more secure retail location with folding gates.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Gate secures the doors and windows of your retail store , offices in such a way that no outsider can attempt to open the locked doors from within. Due to the variety in sizes and aesthetic looks, it secures the entry of your business window and door. These folding gates are set on a continuous frame on all sides and utilize vertical bars that do not lose height when opened. GLASSESSENTIAL Storefront Security Folding Gates are a perfect combination of high protection and visual deterrent to prevent break-ins. Storefront Security Folding Gates are perfect for providing access control and security for entry in any application.

Retail security gates Features:

  • Hinged; can be mounted left or right
  • Collapsible and foldable to 180o in daytime
  • Narrow diamond opening makes it difficult for someone to put their hand through
  • Can be installed with angle bracket and post for easy operation if the door handle protrudes in
  • Powder-coated finish for added weather resistance
  • Prevents theft and thus reduced repairing-rebuilding-renovating costs Provides enhanced ventilation and visibility
  • Available in 25 sizes and with all necessary accessories to meet your storefront security project.

Standard materials for installation for 5 ft or 6 ft wide door

  • 1 Appropriate Size gate (generally Select from 58”, 68” or 78” wide and 79” High Gate)
  • 2 Post
  • 2 Feet Bracket
  • 1 Lock (Push Lock or Cylinder Lock)
  • 1 Caster Wheel

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