Installation Guide

Installation Guide for Sliding and Folding Security Grille

GLASSESSENTIAL® Sliding Grille can be installed easily by following the instructions below:


    Check that the opening sizes, height and width correspond to the dimensions of the drawing. If not, check with an agent before proceeding.


    Before starting the installation, check the bulkhead to verify the strength to support the closure weight, especially in the pocket area. Minimum 1-1/2" thick wood is required. If in doubt, check with the agent before proceeding.


    Before proceeding, be sure that you have a clearance of 4” on each side of the center line of the track, all along the closure. Be sure that the pocket depth is sufficient to stack the closure. This depth should be approximately 1/7th of the clear opening. If not, check with the agent before proceeding.

  • Install the curves first, and then continue using the longest track sections next. The screws should be centered 6" apart in curves and pocket and 12" elsewhere and at each end. Alignment flat-bar and pins (see drawing) are supplied to help join the different sections of track. Keep one joint open to insert all closure trolleys. Each cut should be squared.


    Insert all trolleys per section of closure into the track, making sure that each trolley wheel is in the same direction Section A from the locking end, (opposite to the pocket). Screw the wall jamb to the wall. Screw or rivet the other sections together. Extend the closure across the opening. When there is no pocket, screw the fixed end post to opposite wall (installation between jambs).


  • Lock the lead post to the wall striker.
  • Extend the closure up to the pocket and pull using light pressure.
  • Mark the track in front of the hanging rod holding the floating end post for the track blocking (see drawing).
  • Mark the floor just in front of this post for the "V" guide. BI-PART: When the closure is made of two parts closing in the center, (bi-part) with pockets at each end, lock the two parts together in the center and proceed as in #6.


  • Lock the closure.
  • Locate and mark on the floor the bolt positions of the intermediate posts, making sure the sections are evenly distributed.
  • Stack the closure in the pocket.
  • Drill holes with 7/8" drill bit and install floor sockets.
  • Be careful not to break the tiles or damage the carpets.



  • Locks and shoot-bolts should operate without resistance
  • Open and close the closure several times to be sure that it operates easily.