How to measure opening area for roll up shutter installation

GLASSESSENTIAL® offers a very systematic method of taking measurements when ordering for rolling shutters or even asking for a quote.

Installation method: Generally there is two type of Installation method:
  • Face of Wall Mount(Surface)
  • Recess Mount under Lintel (Recess Mount)
  • The area could be free of obstruction or you may have only a limited space to fit in the rolling shutter. This would determine whether you should use a plus measurement or FM.

Height: Measure net Opening Width. Add 3” for Bottom Locking Bar to keep it up from opening when shutter curtain rolls up The taller the shutter, the larger the box size. Apart from the added height for the box, some space should be allowed for the base slat of a fully open shutter so that the view from inside remains unobstructed.

Width: Measure Opening net width measurement and add 6”-1/4 for Guide Rail This is only a guideline and technical changes may be made as and when required.