GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Barrier Partitions are applicable for portable freestanding light security, crowd control and pedestrian traffic control



GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Barrier Partitions are applicable for portable freestanding light security, crowd control and pedestrian traffic control

Portable Folding Barrier Partition: A Versatile Access Control Solution

Discover the versatility of portable folding barrier partitions as effective access control solutions. Explore the features, technical details, and model options including rod and link, clear polycarbonate, and perforated panel designs. Enhance crowd control and optimize security with these flexible and durable folding gates.When it comes to managing access control and crowd control, having a versatile solution is essential. Portable folding barrier partitions provide a flexible and effective way to control access and create secure boundaries in various settings. Explores the features and benefits of these barriers, along with the technical details and model options available.

Model Selection: Rod and Link, Clear Polycarbonate, Perforated Panel:

Rod and Link Model: The rod and link model of portable folding barrier partitions offers a sturdy and reliable solution. It features interconnected rods and links that create a robust physical barrier. This model is suitable for areas requiring enhanced security and durability.

Clear Polycarbonate Model: The clear polycarbonate model provides visibility while maintaining security. This design allows for unobstructed views, making it suitable for areas where visual monitoring is necessary. It is an excellent choice for museums, galleries, and other spaces where aesthetics and security go hand in hand.

Perforated Panel Model: The perforated panel model combines security and airflow. It features panels with small holes or slots, ensuring controlled access while allowing for ventilation. This model is commonly used in indoor and outdoor settings where airflow is important, such as sports venues and public spaces.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Barrier Partitions are applicable for portable freestanding light security, crowd control and pedestrian traffic control

Folding Partition

Features and Benefits of Portable Folding Barrier Partitions: Portable folding barrier partitions offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice for access control and crowd control. Here are some key features and benefits:

Flexibility: These barriers are designed to be easily movable and adaptable to different spaces. Whether you need to create temporary pathways, divide areas, or control access, portable folding barriers offer the flexibility required.

Easy Setup: With their folding design, these barriers can be set up and taken down quickly. They are lightweight and require minimal effort to transport and deploy, making them ideal for events, construction sites, and various other applications.

Durable Construction: Portable folding barriers are constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. They can withstand heavy use, outdoor conditions, and provide reliable crowd control and access control solutions.

Enhanced Security: These barriers help improve security by creating a physical barrier that prevents unauthorized access to restricted areas. They act as a deterrent and ensure that only authorized personnel can enter designated spaces.

Versatile Applications: Portable folding barrier partitions find utility in a wide range of settings, including construction sites, airports, stadiums, schools, public events, and more. They can effectively manage crowd flow, create safe zones, and optimize security measures.

Easy and elegent pedestrian and crowd control.

  • Unique and free-standing design; requires no ceiling or floor track and quickly positions into place
  • Stores easily in the opening or can be rolled to a convenient remote location
  • Especially effective in tough situations, particularly where structural or decorative obstructions exist or where there are high arched or open ceiling
  • Applications like airport kiosks, malls (when a movie theatre is still open), stores with in-built stores (when the functioning timings are different)
  • Standard height of panels 6’ 6”
  • No maximum width control. Recommendation of maximum 7 panels, changeable as per location circumstances
  • Not a high security partition; designed to keep honest people honest.
  • GLASSESSENTIAL Folding Gate stacks smaller than the traditional portable scissor gate Choice of designs, bold and modern or elegant and ornate
  • Optional choice of paint and anodized finishes
  • Locking cylinders available including Thumb Turns
  • Moving the product to and from the storage area requires two people. The non-marring rollers allow the folding Barrier to travel smoothly. The anti-sway latches assist moving the partition safely by keeping the panels spread apart to avoid tipping.
  • Extremely flexible and does not use a track system.
  • Locking Post: Locking posts work the same as standard side folding post. The hook bolt lead locking post is the most common to secure the partition to a wall or shelving. This post could be used on both ends. The other type of lead post is a bi-part. This combination post is commonly used on larger openings to lock two partitions together. A fixed end post is just that, permanently attached to a structure. This post can be used if the partition is not stacking to a remote location.
  • Folding Barrier panels are 36” or 42” wide. Panels that have locking post will be an additional 3 ½” wider. The depth is 2” per panel. Remember the partition is actually 115% of the opening because the panels open alternately at 135o for stability, not a flat 180o. Can be tailor-made
  • Floor sockets can be of use only if the partition needs to follow a specific lease line. The drop bolt and floor socket can help to keep the partition in position; not highly recommended because the drop bolt can be pulled out of the floor socket
  • The stacked partitions’ actual depth will vary to the number of panels that comprise the curtain used to secure the opening. Using 2” per panel by the width of the widest panel and add a couple of inches for clearance should get you close.
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  • Sliding Barrier
  • Portable Barrier
  • Movable Barrier
  • Folding Partition
  • Safety Barrier
  • Security Barrier
  • Security Curtain
  • Folding Security Barrier

Portable folding barrier partitions offer a versatile and effective solution for access control and crowd control requirements. Their flexibility, easy setup, durability, and enhanced security features make them an ideal choice for various settings. By selecting the appropriate model, such as the rod and link, clear polycarbonate, or perforated panel design, you can tailor the barriers.