Metal Security Gate For Sliding Or Swing Patio Door.

Patio Door Security gates- home owners love these Security gate for Sliding Patio Doors since they can have the gate locked and still have the patio door open for fresh air.Safeguard your home with our security gate for patio door against burglary and force entry.

Patio door are either sliding door type double door or french door swing open door. Large area of patio door are made of glass and therby providing more liberty to intruders for break and enter. Securing patio door is an essential requirement to prevent entry .We offer solid steel welded designer patio door gate. Our gate are generally made in two section. one section is fixed and another section is swing open. We can also make both section swing open thrugh our special hinge system. For French door , We can make two swing door opens and locks in middle. For more than 2 door , we can manufacture one door fixed in middle and two doors in side swings open.Door Knob and cylinder key lock option available for extra security.

To offer rust proof surface, oxidized paints are applied which ensures that a smooth and clean exterior. Colors include white, brown and black. Grilles are also available as an outdoor option. They are available in different dimensions as ordered by the buyers. These gates are available in varied styles as per the purpose of the application area.


  • Made of Solid Steel with rust resistant paint
  • Fully framed and welded product
  • Bi- Folding Option with hinge in middle for Sliding Patio Door Security
  • Bi-Parting (Double Door) Option for French type Patio Door to lock door in middle.
  • One side fix and One Side Swing open for Sliding doors
  • Easy to install
  • Corrosion Resistant Paint for Outside Weather
  • Different locking options available : Door Knob with 2 Sided Cylinder Key Lock
  • Designer Scrolls are added for better aesthetics
  • Custom Designs also available.
Standard Patio Door Security Gates Models
Cosmopolitan Patio Door Security Gate ($1020 )
  • ½” Tube Pickets (5” Space)
  • Dead Bolt Lock box 1-3/8” back set
  • Hinged left or right (1/2 of gate is Fixed )
  • Recess of Surface Mount
  • Prime painted Patio Door Security Gate
  • Choice Of Colors


  • Barn Door or Bi-fold add $ 250
  • S Scroll add $35.00 each
  • Double Cylinder Dead Bolt Lock
  • Just one of our models shown. Colours available Black, Brown or White. Other colours by request.
Colonial Patio Door Security Gate ( $1210 )
Other models of Patio Door Security Gate

Cochrane Patio Door Security Gate ($ 1125 )

Jackson Patio Door Security Gate ( $ 1125 )

Portland Patio Door Security Gate ($ 1320 )