Create Security Cages on display with roll up shutters

Security Cages are a secondary internal defense specially built for keeping your stock . We specialise in manufacturing and supplying high quality security roller shutters for creating your custom barrier for disply of products.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Rolling shutter cage Cigarette Display unit is a spacious, secured and easy accessible storage unit with complete protection and strong visual appeal. Simple installation procedure, strong material with stunning looks and finish and best-of-the-class locking system for ultimate security bear the hallmark of this product!

Custom Built Cage Made With Rollup Shutter

  • wo folding gate Locks in Middle
  • folding gate Slides on top Track (Optional)
  • Wire Mesh Panel on sides(Optional)
  • folding gate on Side (Optional)
  • folding gate on Top (Optional)
  • Customized cigarette protection cage.
  • Securing Cigarette Display and storage.
  • Made of steel folding gate and joist structure.
  • Availability of complete folding gate, its accessories and support structure to erect the unit.
  • Installation service available over widely selected areas.
  • Prompt on-site installation
  • Two folding gate in front
  • One folding gate on each side
  • One folding gate on top
  • Cylinder Locking Post
  • Hinges
  • T Bracket
  • U Bracket
  • Top Track
  • Top Track Rolling Casters
  • Shoot Bolt for Each gate
  • 2 Wire Mesh Side Panels
  • 1 Wire Mesh Top Panel