Security & Safety Film

Multilayerd polyester security and safety film protects glass from shattering and provide security against break ins, bullets and bombs.

GlassEssential® safety and security window films are multilayer polyester films that are applied to glass and glazing in order to hold them together if the glass is shattered.Threats like violent weather, earthquake, vandalism and terrorism need to be considered when securing a property. Be it home or office, hazards could pop up anywhere. Our security films at GLASSESSENTIAL® will protect your property so you can keep your mind off of security.


  • Window strength increases manifold.
  • Minimizes chances of burglary; penetrating through safety film-protected window requires much time and effort.
  • Deterrent to vandals or burglars.
  • Easily affordable, efficient and pleasant-looking; better than alternatives like burglar bars, shutters and screens.
  • Installation by factory-trained professional.

    Window Security Films from GLASSESSENTIAL® provide the most efficient and cost effective way of securing and safeguarding your home and office. They provide protection from

    • Injury and accidents : The window security films protect occupants and property of your home and office from the shards of glass, which otherwise may prove to be fatal. Special adhesives used in our safety films bind the glass pieces with it; thereby making GLASSESSENTIAL security films safety-assuring.
    • Violent weather : Storms, cyclones and typhoons never come with a prior warning and can cause a huge loss. Rain, dust particles, debris and dirt get free access to your room, defacing your property and health. GLASSESSENTIAL security films increase your window’s resistance to excessive force and torrential rainfall, prevent the entry of unwanted particles and protect you from the natural calamities to a great extent.
    • Vandalism : Alarms and security systems do provide protection from burglary and vandalism but with times-a-changing, window security films have gained popularity and preference. You as well as your window get safety with these films. Miscreants find it difficult to break through security film-protected glass panes.
    • Explosions : Explosions too are unexpected, be it industrial or terroristic. The flying shreds of glass thereof may cause a range of injuries, from minor bruises to fatal ones. These glass fragments can prove to be more lethal than the actual explosion. Nothing can provide you complete protection from explosions but the security and safety films from GLASSESSENTIAL.
    • Trespassers: Being absolutely clear, transparent and invisible, these security films act like an invisible shield. They save you during break-ins or natural hazards or acts of vandalism or explosions.
    • UV rays : They act like a sunscreen for you, your loved ones, your furniture and other property from getting discolored or harmed otherwise by the strong UV rays.
    • Blinding Glare: These security sheets are also available in tinted versions so you don’t get disturbed by the glare of the sun, yet enjoy the natural light.

GLASSESSENTIAL® is a leader in the world of security films. and proud security provider of many a foundations.

  • Governmental bodies; US National Archives, Canadian Parliament and the military of several countries
  • Ports; Logan Airport, Shipping Companies of Boeing and terminals of Cruise Line, Boston Airport, UPS and Teco
  • Corporate office buildings; IBM, Cognos TV stations, Compaq computers and Fox Television Studios
  • Corporations; UPS Courier, Medical organizations and drugstores, gun shops, stores owned by Hugo Boss, Ritz Camera, centers owned by Bell Call, liquor stores, Sears, Marks Work Warehouse, publishing firms, Walgreen’s, Sara Lee Pastries and Shopper’s Drugs Marts
  • Multiple embassies and financial institutions; Revenue Canada and World Monetary Fund
  • Considerable number of museums and nuclear plants; Royal Canadian Mint.
  • Army bases and several police agencies including FBI, RCMP, Justice Department of Canada and CIA.
  • Provide you with state-of-the-art security laminates that are a result of constant R&D.
  • Protect you from vandalism and burglary
  • Ensure reduction in energy costs
  • Use of a unique technique “bi-axe method” to provide maximum protection to you all through set global standards for security laminates.
  • Use of superior quality adhesives, applied in a unique method in multiple layers to produce the laminate. This handles the tensile strength and makes the glass stick to the film.
  • Availability of professionals and factory trained technicians to install the safety laminates.
  • Totally clear and transparent.
  • Pressure activated unlike imitation films which are water based.
  • High bomb resistance level, high bullet resistance and adequate levels of burglar resistance.
  • Possess a scratch resistant layer so it can withstand great extents of wear and tear. Most cleaning solutions for glass panes available including ammonia-based ones can be used to clean the GlassEssential® safety laminates.
  • Optional Extremely strong anchoring system to hold the glass together in the frame.
  • Limited warranty for lifetime against fading, peeling, piquing, yellowing and de-lamination.
  • Glass is the most sought after and most vulnerable target for outside forces.Statistics say that out of every three break-ins, two happen by smashing of glass panes