Security Aluminum Custom Accordion Doors: Alumifold Series 640 : Opaque or Perforated

GLASSESSENTIAL® Series 740 is Mainly Used For Both Industrial & Commercial Applications and ideal choice for a variety of installations requiring strength, functionality and sleek and streamlined good looks. With GLASSESSENTIAL securing an area or room never means settling for a dull, less-than-inviting door or enclosure.

Designed to provide security and be an Imaginative divider, our 740 series doors provides benefits desired in industrial, commercial, retail or hospitality settings.740 Series vertical panel frame channels and 4 1/4" wide full-height aluminum panels either solid or perforated provide security benefits. The series 740 with the perforated panels as shown provides the air flow that today's electronics need. The series 740 can also be used as a store front security door system as used in many mall's across America.

Allow Air And Get Security Of Retail Space With 740 Series Alumifold Accordion Door

  • Heights: Custom made to 10' 1"
  • Widths: Custom made to any width
  • Wheels: Nylon wheels on steel axles with ball bearing roller
  • Panel: Aluminum panels solid or perforated
  • Panel Finishes: Clear anodized or Bronze anodized
  • Panel Connectors: Rigid vinyl hinge profile over a steel rod
  • Lead Post: 3/4" x 2-3/4" heavy-duty aluminum with interlocking
  • jamb mold supplied for positive door alignment
  • Latch: Thumbturn two-sides with dead latch supplied as standard
  • Stacking Space: 1-1/4" per lineal foot plus 2-3/4" lead post
  • Fire-Retardancy is not available
  • Heights 4' and less
  • Can be Made as a Pair or Double End Lead Post
  • Pull Rod
  • Curvable "I" Beam Track
  • Gold Metal Components
  • Sliding Jamb Panel is used when you would like to hide the
  • accordion door in a pocket
  • The following allows for custom keying by your local locksmith:
  • Keyed lock two-sides standard
  • Keyed lock two-sides cylinder with pull
  • Keyed lock one-side with 9" bolt with or without cylinder
  • Keyed lock one-side double bolt floor to ceiling with cylinder
  • Intermediate Rolling Post for dividing doors into to manageable
  • sections, plus providing a surface to attach the following foot-bolts:
  • Non-Locking foot-bolt
  • Foot-bolt with spring pin
  • Locking dust proof strike