AEROFLAX : Transparency of glass with the strength of steel

Aeroflex is a Simple, and flexible aluminum folding grille and closure systems GlassEssential custom manufactures aeroflex Sliding and folding security grille.The micro-perforated steel panels allow some airflow to breathe easy with AEROFLEX ..Aeroflex sliding grille is an ideal model for interior or exterior security applications.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Sliding and Folding Security Grille model Aeroflex provides the perfect protection you seek. It helps you to breathe comfortably as it has steel panels with micro perforations. It is the ultimate and the most attractive combination of the transparency provided by glass and the strength provided by steel.

AEROFLEX: made with micro perforated steel panels

  • Construction:Curtain constructed of 6" wide modules linked together by a continuous aluminum hinge. These hinges hold perforated metal panels with 3/16" holes providing a 51% visibility & ventilation through panels.
  • Material : Aluminum & perforated steel
  • Pattern : Perforated Steel panel Insert
  • Vertical Spacing: 6"
  • Horizontal Spacing : Varies based on full height of grille
  • Infill Panel: perforated panels
  • Maximum Width : custom made
  • Maximum height: 18"
  • Finish:clear Anodized, white, black, med or light bronze acrylic paint only
  • Production time:1 Week after Approved shop drawing.
  • Std for Single End Grille: Floating End Post on one side and Std Wall Jamb Locking End Post on another side
  • Optional Std for Single End Grille: Fixed Post on one side and Std Wall Jamb Locking End Post on another side.
  • Optional: Double End- Locking both sides
  • Optional: Top and Bottom Locking End Post
  • Optional: Bi-Parting Grille-Locking in Middle
  • Optional: Bi-Parting Grille-Locking in Middle and Double End
  • Optional: Top and Bottom Track for securing windows
  • Optional: Custom Curve Top Track for any radius
  • Airport
  • Malls, Storefronts
  • Pharmacies