Concept 1212 checkerboard design with panel height 12” (305mm)

CONCEPT 1212 (Openstyle) is a Simple, and flexible aluminum folding grille and closure systems GlassEssential custom manufactures CONCEPT 1212 (Openstyle) Sliding and folding security grille.The checkered panel design allow some airflow to breathe easy with CONCEPT 1212 (Openstyle). .CONCEPT 1212 (Openstyle). sliding grille is an ideal model for interior or exterior security applications.We Supply and install d folding aluminum closure model “Concept 1212”.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Concept 1212 sliding and folding security grilles, known for its durability. This model is open style and attractive, not only having rugged looks but also providing high security.The Folding aluminum Sliding Grille model “Concept 1212” is perfect for schools, hospitals, stadiums and more!

Architechural Details

  • Construction: The curtain is constructed of modules 1/16" (1.6mm) thick arranged in a checkerboard design of 3" (76mm) C/C. These modules are linked together by hidden aluminum and steel rods of 5/16" (7.9mm) diameter. The height of the panels will be 12" (305mm).
  • Material: Aluminum Extrusion
  • Pattern: 12" Vertical Distance checker board pattern
  • Vertical Spacing: 12"
  • Horizontal Spacing: 3"
  • Infill Panel: Aluminum
  • Panel Width: 3"
  • Maximum Width: Custom Width up to 200'
  • Maximum Height: Custom Height up to 12'
  • Stacking: Calculated at 1.15" per foot of Sliding Grille width plus 3" for each post (lead, end or intermediate).
  • Locking: Std Lead post is equipped with a hook bolt lock with supplied cylinders each side. Std Trailing Post has self-locking mechanism. Optional Locking with Best and Medico Locks for lead post. Emergency Egress: Bi-Parting or Swing Out Egress Doors
  • Finish: Clear anodized, white, black, med or light bronze, Acrylic painted.
  • Production time: 1 Week after Approved Drawing and Confirmed Order.
  • Availability: Immediate on Order.
  • Std For Single End Grille: Floating End Post on one side and Std Wall Jamb Locking End Post on another side
  • Std For Single End Grille: Fixed Post on One Side and Std Wall Jamb Locking End Post on another side
  • Optional: Double End- Locking Both Side
  • Optional: Top and Bottom Locking End Post
  • Optional: Bi-Parting Grille- Locking in Middle
  • Optional: Bi-Parting Grille- Locking in Middle and Double End
  • Optional: Top and Bottom Track for Securing windows.
  • Optional: Custom Curve Track for any radius.
  • Schools
  • Stadiums
  • Hospitals
  • Food fairs
  • Warehouses