S-12 is a highly resistant and unobtrusive open folding security grille pattern

GLASSESSENTIAL® Security Sliding and Folding Grille System S 12 provide distinctive protection. This security grille is an open style sliding grille model.System S 12 is a Simple, and flexible aluminum folding grille and sliding closure providing imaginative options for a wide range of storefront entrances and space delineators.

More S-12 Details :

  • Construction : Grille Curtain made of vertical rods of 5/16". Each rod is contained in ½” diameter aluminum tube
  • Material : Aluminum
  • Pattern: Open Style
  • Vertical Spacing: 12” & 2”
  • Horizontal: 3”
  • Infill Panel: None
  • Maximum Width: 3”
  • Maximum height: 10’
  • Stacking: Calculated at 1.15" per foot of Sliding Grille width plus 3" for each post (lead, end or intermediate)
  • Locking: Std Lead post is equipped with a hook bolt lock with supplied cylinders each side. Std Trailing Post has self-locking mechanism. Optional Locking with Best and Medico Locks for lead post Emergency Egress: Bi-Parting or Swing out Egress Doors
  • Finish: Clear anode, white, black, med or light bronze acrylic paint only
  • Production time: 1 week from receipt of approved drawing
  • Availability: Based on custom order size
  • Note: Modification of maximum height size 18' will change model name to S-18
  • Std for Single End Grille: Floating End Post on one side and Std Wall Jamb Locking End Post on another side
  • Optional Std for Single End Grille: Fixed Post on one side and Std Wall Jamb Locking End Post on another side.
  • Optional: Double End- Locking both sides
  • Optional: Top and Bottom Locking End Post
  • Optional: Bi-Parting Grille-Locking in Middle
  • Optional: Bi-Parting Grille-Locking in Middle and Double End
  • Optional: Top and Bottom Track for securing windows
  • Optional: Custom Curve Top Track for any radius
  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Supermarkets and Malls
  • Shops
  • Schools
  • Reception desks in public buildings