Slim Roll Vision : Poly Carbonate -transparent Rolling Shutter For Counter

Transparency, High Impact Resistance For Counter Openings With Poly Carbonate Counter Rolling Shutter With Easy Installation

GlassEssential® manufactures slim roll vision series poly carbonate insert counter rolling shutter features attractive slimmed-down transparent poly carbonate slats enhance security for any interior, making it the perfect solution for cafeterias,concession stands,service counters, booths, ticket windows, and kiosks. The slim-vision series counter rolling shutters are made with solid extruded aluminum and 15"3/4 wide by 1 3/8" high impact resistant transparent poly carbonate insert. Poly carbonate is an incredibly useful engineering plastic for applications requiring transparency and high impact.


Only 1 3/8” Slat Height, Minimal Transitions And Seams With No Exposed Edges.

GlassEssential® slim-vision series counter rolling shutters with transparent poly carbonate insert are go-to choice for high-end retailers looking for the added security and beauty. The interlocking mechanism of aluminum extrusion and low height poly carbonate insert provide higher security without compromising aesthetics. Our slim-vision series poly-carbonate counter rolling shutters are ideal for counters at shopping centres, shop fronts, club and hotel bars, counter tops, kiosks, arcades, serveries, sporting clubs.

A Seamless, Clear Appearance With Unique Joint Designs And A Standard Mortise Cylinder For Security.

GlassEssential® slim-vision series counter rolling shutters made with poly carbonate panel shutter allows you to display products while keeping them secure. The canadian manufactured poly carbonate roller shutter that combines exceptional strength with great looks. Our slim-vision series counter rolling shutters with clear transparent poly carbonate insert are suitable for hotels, storage areas, store rooms, serveries, counters, bars, kitchens. Our slim-vision series poly-carbonate counter rolling shutters provides transparency with high impact are ideal for high impact resistance for any break in events. Polycarbonate roller shutters are essentially creates a engineering plastic“glass” wall that allows for maximum visibility, protection, and elegance. Rolling counter shutter doors for counter provide accessibility and security in interior and exterior finished wall openings. Rolling counter shutter doors are specially designed for small openings that require security,flexibility and visual appeal. Rolling counter shutter doors have unique joint designs which produce a flush curtain to achieve a seamless, clean appearance. Rolling counter shutter doors made with state-of-the-art in design, fit, and finish, yet appreciate the simplicity and practicality that define the product. Rolling shutter doors for counter uses a standard mortise cylinder and is available with an optional removable core.