Steel Fixed and Folding Window Security Bars

Steel Window Security Bars is a fixed type security bar to serve as an ideal security solution for your residential, commercial and industrial windows. Add on features like variant fixtures for easy mounting, provision for expansion with sleeve connectors and availability in different window sizes with great option of folding when not in use have made this product trustworthy and popular.GLASSESSENTIAL® Steel Fixed Window Security Bars are an ideal product to deter possible robberies and break-ins. Our bars will deter forced opening.

More Details : Steel Fixed Window Bars

  • Steel Folding Window Security Bar
  • Made of high grade, premium quality steel for better strength and safety.
  • These security bars are fixed type and can be fold-able when not in use.
  • 7 inch by 7 inch square grid
  • ½ inch by ½ inch 18 gauge steel tubing.
  • Proven factor of higher resistance and resilience against external force.
  • Special powder coating for durability.
  • Great option of folding for this window bar when not in use.
  • 9- “U” Brackets for 2 sides for Recess mount (Inset).
  • Select from brown and white color.
  • Easy installation guide instruction included.
  • Shipping within 48 hours.

    In case of mounting between the frames (Jamb), measure opening width and height between the frames (Jamb). In case of brick or concrete wall, take measurement between brick opening and concrete opening.

    Select from Brown or White, powder coated

    If custom window opening size is bigger than this window bar, you should buy two window bars with sleeve bracket and cut to fit according to size.

    If custom window opening size is smaller than this window bars, custom cut is required, we do custom cut at extra cost (not Included). Optional (To be sold separately): Two folding bars joined with sleeve connectors can be extended up to desired length. Variant fixtures like "U" bracket, "L" foot and "I" foot for easy mounting on frame with screws. Additional “U” Brackets for top and bottom mounting are extra and sold separately at $2 Ea. “ I” Brackets for Surface (Face of Wall Mount) if required and sold separately at $2 Ea. “L” Brackets for Recess (Inset Mount) if required and sold separately at $2 Ea. Sleeve connectors to join two window bars are available and if required sold separately at $3 Ea. Custom Cutting of Window Bars is at $ 30 per Window Bar. Call us at 1-877-874-6321 for any additional extra brackets or Custom Cutting. 1 - Steel Folding Window Security Bar –ordered size Mounting and connecting Brackets : As per ordered type and quantity.

    Each Steel Folding Window Security Bar is folded and packed in plastic bag inside card board box.

    Availability: Readily available and generally ships in 48 hrs