Window Security Bars: Steel, Removable, Swing Open

Window security bars with Removable, Swing Open and Locking functions for small kitchen and basement windows. Steel Removable Window Security Bar with features of expansion, swing and removable are ideal for small windows for residential applications It is protecting from burglars and trespassers. Just fit this high quality Security Bars in your basement, rear kitchen and rooms’ windows and create safe environment for life!.User Friendly Expandable, removable and swing Window Security Bars.It is recommended that if window bars are used they should be applied with the first layer of security (inside the glass) with Glass Break Sensors.

Find out more details of steel window security bars.

  • Made of high grade, premium quality steel tubing to ensure security.
  • Special white powder coating for durability.
  • Unique telescopic design helps two steel tubes sliding thereby expand and collapse up to a desired size.
  • Each Window Bars fits in large range of opening width.
  • Special removable hinge system for security bars to swing and remove.
  • Easier to remove in case of emergency due to removable Hinge System.
  • Easier to swing for cleaning window due to patented hinge system.
  • Two Side angle brackets included for window frame installation.
  • One lock with keys included to secure bars to be safely fixed with bracket.
  • Easy installation guide instruction included.
  • Also called “Burglar Bars”; make your home/office “intrusion-proof” in minimal time.
  • Durable white coating.
  • Easy for installation and Can be operated from inside.
  • Affordable with High deterrent and Tamper resistant hardware.
  • Window Security bars comes with angle bracket, Siding Square Tubes and locking system.
  • Standard square steel tubing area is 3/4" X 3/4"x0.04”.
  • Standard Gap maintained between two horizontal security bars is 4"-1/2.
  • 10 Different Sizes/ Models available.
  • Fits in Min Width : 16”.
  • Fits in Max Width : 78”.
  • Fits in Min Height : 12”
  • Fits in Max Height : 27”
  • More Opening Height may require two or more window bars
  • Number of Horizontal bars in each window bars varies from 3 t 6 depending upon a height of each window bars.

    Measure opening width and height. If mounting between the frames (Jamb), take measurement between the frames (Jamb). If mounting between brick or concrete walls, take measurement between brick opening and concrete opening.

    White, powder Coated.