Expand your Storage Area with Raised Platforms and Mezzanine

Maximizing storage space is crucial for businesses in various industries. Storage mezzanines provide a cost-effective solution for expanding storage capacity while utilizing vertical space efficiently. At Glass Essential, we specialize in designing and constructing custom mezzanine systems to meet specific storage needs. Our extensive range of mezzanine solutions includes warehouse mezzanines, office mezzanines, modular storage mezzanines, and more. With our mezzanine deck systems and storage platforms, you can transform unused space into valuable storage areas. Let's delve into the features and benefits of our storage mezzanine products and explore creative storage loft ideas.

GlassEssential® Raised Platforms and Mezzanine Storage Platforms are a cost-effective, professional looking storage and space solution for warehouses and factories. These platforms are designed to utilize the overhead space to be used as office or storage area and increases work areas to grow your business. Built on multiple tiers or with different designs, these Mezzanine Storage platforms can be also used to create convenient and ample shelf and rack storage areas to minimize the use of Lift trucks or ladders. Extensive uses of Raised Floor Platforms include supervisor office, accommodation for the staff of the warehouse or a watch tower for the guard to protect the valuable assets. We manufacture Mezzanines for warehouse storage, industrial shelving and other high density storage systems. We create structural mezzanines into existing and new warehouse.One of the best benefits of raised mezzanine floors is the ability for you to easily set it up and have storage space available.

Office built on Raised Platform
Working space created under Raised Platform
Raised Platform with Plywood
Raised Platform with Wire Mesh Fencing

Solutions created with Raised Platforms:

Warehouse Mezzanines for Efficient Storage: Warehouse mezzanines are designed to optimize storage space in industrial settings. These mezzanines create additional levels within your warehouse, allowing you to store more inventory without expanding your footprint. Our custom warehouse mezzanine systems are tailored to your specific requirements, considering factors such as load capacity, layout, and accessibility. By utilizing vertical space effectively, you can streamline your operations and improve overall efficiency.

Office Mezzanines for Enhanced Workspace: Office mezzanines provide a practical solution for expanding office space within your facility. These mezzanines can be used for additional workstations, conference rooms, break areas, or storage. With our office mezzanine systems, you can optimize the available space, increase productivity, and create a functional and comfortable working environment.

Modular Storage Mezzanines for Flexibility: Modular storage mezzanines offer versatility and flexibility for various storage needs. These systems consist of prefabricated components that can be easily assembled and disassembled as your requirements change. Modular structures for storage allow for efficient customization and future expansion. Whether you need a small storage platform or a large-scale mezzanine system, our modular solutions provide the flexibility to adapt to your evolving needs.

Mezzanine Deck Systems and Storage Platforms: Our mezzanine deck systems and storage platforms are designed to provide a sturdy and safe surface for your storage requirements. These platforms can be integrated into your mezzanine system or used as standalone structures. They offer durability, load-bearing capacity, and easy access to stored items. Our mezzanine deck systems ensure a safe and efficient storage environment.

Creative Storage Loft Ideas: Mezzanine storage systems offer endless possibilities for creative storage loft ideas. Utilize the vertical space in your facility to create additional storage areas, including overhead storage, shelving units, or specialized storage solutions. By thinking creatively and customizing your mezzanine, you can optimize your space and enhance your storage capabilities.

  • Heavy duty, sturdy steel structure and extremely strong to handle wear and tear.
  • Raised Platforms are a cost effective way to create valuable storage or work areas.
  • Storage Platforms are extremely flexible and versatile and can be built in multiple tiers.
  • Mezzanine Storage can be used to maximize shelf and rack storage, minimize lift trucks or ladders’ use, enhances workflow.
  • Mezzanine Platforms maximize space utility to create more manufacturing space with the flexibility of conveyor systems.
  • Raised Platforms can accommodate office space or Supervisor Watch Tower.

Customized design:

  • Our expert designing team can help you make the best use of your existing space with the best possible options.
  • Once satisfied with the customized design, we start manufacturing as per your specifications and once completed, deliver or install the whole structure to/ on your site.
  • Assembly is quick and simple and can be done by your own personnel or professional installers employed by us.
Deck Plate Options:
Steel Checker Plate
Bar and Rod Grating
Open Steel Planking
Poly Resin Deck Finish
Plywood or Roof Deck

Optimize your storage space and enhance efficiency with our custom storage mezzanine solutions. At Glass Essential, we offer a wide range of mezzanine systems, including warehouse mezzanines, office mezzanines, and modular storage mezzanines. With our mezzanine deck systems and storage platforms, you can transform unused space into valuable storage areas. Explore our customizable mezzanine storage systems for industrial and commercial applications, and unlock the potential of vertical space. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs and create efficient storage loft ideas for your business.