Military grade 10 gauge welded wire mesh guard to protect windows and glass.

Protect window and door with GLASSESSENTIAL® 10 gauge welded Wire Mesh Window Guard. It prevents breakins, burglaries and robberies. Custom made to fit your window and door size . Aesthetically pleasing finishes available. GLASSESSENTIAL® Wire Mesh Window Guard is the most protective product used for your home security against possible robberies.


  • Security Window Guard Panels
  • 2”X 2” or 1" X 1" Welded Wire Mesh used for guarding your windows to protect against theft and vandalism
  • 10 gauge Strong Wire mesh
  • Welded on each Intersection to provide strong security
  • Each Panel has tabs on both side to fasten to window frame
  • Frame can made of 1/4X 1” for surface mount
  • 1/4X 2” flat bar frame with center support for bigger windows and surface mounting
  • Angle or tubular framing for Recess mount
  • Custom Sizes Security Window Guard made to best fit your window
  • Standard Colors available like-Black, Grey or Blue

Download Estimate/Order Worksheet For Mounting