Collapsible, Retractable, scissor type folding security gate for security, access control and visibilty.

Folding Gates are made with strong 13 mm X 13 mm , 16 gauge steel tubimg. We stocks a wide selection of Folding Security Gates.Ships from Toronto for fast delivery of Folding Security Gates.Our Double Diamond Folding Gates Are Specially Designed with a Tight weave Double Diamond Pattern and a Full length Locking End Post.You can Shop online for folding security gates from our online shop.Our expandable folding security gates are ideal for industrial, commercial and residential use.We are manufacturing steel folding scissor accordion security gates for more than 10 years.Our storefront folding gates are well acclaimed in north america.

GLASSESSENTIAL® Folding Security Gate is made to meet challenging security demand of any industrial, commercial and residential application. It is used in interior, exterior, mezzanine, counter or room of any building to make strong layer of security.

Folding Security Gate Features:

  • Expandable and retractable,
  • Collapsible and foldable in nature with pivot
  • Visual and bold deterrent to provide excellent security
  • Provides ventilation and visibility
  • Folds on side with hinges
  • Pivots 180o on its mountings so it can be moved completely out of the opening to remove obstructions
  • Powder coated to withstands all seasons
  • Non-marking rubber casters provides excellent protection to your floors
  • Four different locking options: Padlock, Push Lock (Slam Lock), Double Mortise Cylinder Hook Lock, Thumb turn for emergency egress Can be recess mounted or surface mounted
  • Dual way (left or right) mounting to meet any job site demands More than 40 different accessories and hardware for customized installation
  • No obstructing bottom track or fittings required for installation of these folding gate for simple application
  • Optional top track available for top sliding gate
  • Can be stored away when not in use
  • Proven strength and security over tim.
  • Competitive price
  • Made of ½” X ½”X 0.04 tubular steel webbing, providing excellent security
  • End “U” channels are made of 16 gauge hot rolled steel Resilient high gloss powder coating finish for better durability and weather resistance
  • Closes to 15% of its opening size, making it one of the most compact gates available in market
  • Attractive Lattice pattern with gap of 7”
  • Air-craft quality aluminum rivets provide heavy duty strength
  • For shipping and dock doors in manufacturing and warehouse facilities
  • For doors, windows, storefront and counters in retail and distribution centers
  • For making mobile barriers in malls, schools and warehouses
  • For making security curtains in education and health care institutions
  • For sliding doors and front doors in homes and offices
  • For making secured cabinets
  • Stock of more than 25 sizes of expandable GLASSESSENTIAL folding security gates for immediate application
  • High-skilled personnel all ready for immediate security needs, including live help over phone during installation
  • Industry’s best warranty
  • Secured packaging to prevent any damage in shipping.
  • Shipping in 24 hours