Published by Stanley on May 25, 2022


In North America, Glass Door and Window is most commonly used for residential and commercial property. Glass is used most part all building projects. Glass is easy to break and enter. Thieves, burglars and robbers are taking advantage of glass window and doors. They Break the Glass, Open the door and enter to vandalize the property .Recent Study on government statistics, With Economy slowing down, more and more attempts of burglary occurs in each state and province of USA and Canada.

Traditionally People use good quality locks and alarm system to secure the home. Professional Burglars are gaining entry by opening the lock by screw drivers or credit card. The other alternative for them is to break the glass and enter. Alarm System only works after the burglar get into the property. In Most recent cases, the burglars get out before police arrive on the scene. Burglars do burglary in approximately 20 minutes.

People have started realizing the problem that alarm system and good locks cannot be the first defence to prevent burglary. Now people wants to put barrier on their window and door to prevent break in and smash and grab incidents.

Window Security bars, often called as window bars, security bars or burglar bars or window guard are very effective barrier to prevent burglary. Window Bars are good deterrent to slow down an attempt of burglary. It is the first line of defense to prevent residential and commercial burglary. It helps the property owner realize that this maneuver prevent burglars from entering their property. Property Owners get peace of mind for securing residential and commercial property with door and window security bars.

Window bars are generally made of metal, steel or aluminum. It is available in many varieties.

Fixed Type of Window Bars: Often called Permanent window Bars. They are attached with screws and bolt on window or door frame and stays permanently on window. It cannot be removed easily.

Removable Window Bars: These window bars have a locking system either on one side or two sides. It can be removed from the window for cleaning the window glass or to take an emergency exit.

Quick Release Window Bars: These Window bars are neither permanent nor having lock on them. They have one quick release mechanism which allow user to get emergency exit without knowing the difficult mechanism of operating locking system. It is good for getting out in emergency but not considered as a solid security.

Folding Window Gate: These window bars are folding on one side when it is collapsed and lockable on other side when expanded. It is generally used for commercial retail storefront security because retail business owners want to show case their products during day time through window while also securing their window during the night when they are closed.

Decorative Window Bars: These window bars are looks very attractive. They are custom made of cast iron or aluminum with decorative scrolls. It can be installed either interior or exterior side.

According to Chirag Shah, owner of, a North America’s leading door and window Security Company, " Windows and doors are having different sizes at each property therefore when people want to choose window security bars they have to make it custom made. Most custom made window bars have a high cost due to labor and material cost. When economy is shrinking and crime is at the rise, people want to secure their home and business but budget is the one of the most important issues to order custom security bars." has now acquired an effective solution, beneficial to the buyer’s budget and knowledge of assembling Window Bars. Easy to assemble security bars kits now make it elementary to congregate Window Bars and position it amongst the window.

By: Ranjan Shah Ranjan Shah is a security consultant and advisor at Vrinda Inc. She practices her profession in Guelph, Ontario and works for Vrinda Incorporation, which is a visual and physical based company that works to protect homes through Window Bars. The Aperture Bars Company provides everyone with an excellent overview of security and protection at a consistently affordable budget.