Published by Stanley on May 25, 2022


BNew, All in One Window Bars launched.

Windows and Doors are also most critical point of any #home and business Intrusion. One can get peace of mind for securing residential and commercial property by one simple and low cost way is to install security bars. #Windowbars are often regarded as fixed #window #grille made of steel which permanently stays on window. It can cause severe problems during emergency exit in incidents like fire or emergency., a Guelph, ON based window and door #Security Company launched a window bars which can be opened from the occupants inside when they need #emergency exit or fire exit...

These window bars are called as #removable window bars. The Technical excellence of these window bars is having its telescopic design which can be easily fit into any window opening so home owners do not need to make expensive custom made window bars. The value added features of this window bars is that it is having hinges so home owners can easily swing it open and clean their windows to make their home clean and tidy looking. One of the most desirable requirements of home owners is solid security so #thieves cannot get into their home and do not steal their property. The #expandable, Removable and #Hinged window bars have an Anti tempered locking feature which can help to create a solid security. The looks and aesthetics of window bars are very pleasing as it is powder coated to withstand tough weather conditions. Finally this window bars provided the answer with all functional features required for home and business security. The unique design allows window security bars to meet local municipal regulations.

In a recent Ontario neighborhood watch program, company CEO Mr Shah explained and assured home owners for creating more value added products for their home security and safe neighborhood programs. He also asked the home owners and business owners to select the right products for their window security

The cost of Removable window bars starts from $ 50.00. Order can be placed online from the company’s website: or by calling 24/7 toll free number 1-877-874-6321

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